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Creeeeeeeeep... 12-30-09 11:36
Hey, guys. been a long time, elowel, but I had to come say hi, as I was CREEPING on my friends blogs. I'm coming out to see you!!!!

More later.

I'm going to be on TV on Friday!

I don't even own a TV!!!

KOIN NEWS is doing and editorial for a retail event our boutique is participating in this weekend, on Friday. The whole crew of girls are going to model our clothes, and our owner is going to mention a snippet about our business-- all at the glorious hour of 4:30am for filming.

I think it's called "Good Morning, Northwest", or something. I think it'll air at noon and 5:30pm on Friday. I'll update.

I'm going to wear a mini dress, of course.


For how much beer I drink, my tummy should not be so flat.

All hail a young metabolism boosted by an active lifestyle!!

Drink on!!!!

STOKED. 05-26-08 10:39
I'm officially in count-down mode. 19-ish days, then.......

Today, 05-22-08 19:33
Today, a customer came into the boutique to make an exchange. As I rang her up to give her a new receipt, I asked her what she had going this week. She said she was treating herself to the things that make her happy, because her boyfriend is leaving. The way she said "leaving" and look on her face said "moving", not "going on vacation". I asked where. She told me, Sweden, where he's from. She said that there was no reason to be sad now, 'his visa is up, the move is inevitable, they are going to try to make things work'. She said she could be sad once he left.

I wanted to hug her, but I know that in October, I wouldn't have wanted that hug until B left, so I held back. She left, and I told my co-worker: I think I'm going to cry. I couldn't hold it in. I cried. I cried and told her how much it had hurt the day that Byron left and the moment I hugged him, but didn't know when the next time I'd hug him again would be, and I was petrified to let go. I recalled that he came to my work right before he had to catch his flight for that hug. That I held in tears until he walked away, and I cried for twenty minutes- in front of customers.

I haven't cried like that nearly at all since he's been gone. 'His job was there, the move was inevitable, we've been trying since November to make things work'.

He's moving back in less than a month. He'll look for work, but if he doesn't find a niche, he'll move to another city. I don't know if I can do November again after seeing the look on that girl's face.
Dinner. Drink. Tub. 05-22-08 10:20


I love getting that drunk when it includes new friends, old friends, great din-din and a hot tub! About that-- Jess, I need those sexy hot tub pics! Too fun last night!

Eli, Liz: Thanks for hosting!

B: so weird to be at your old place without ya! Aw, babe, we're all thinking about you!
A few shout-out notes: 05-20-08 16:12
A random list of folks I'd really like to kiss on the face today:

Pie- Shame on me, I always forget how much you love me.

Diana- I still want to tell people that we're adopted sisters.

Amanda- wow, things change, but good people, they do not.

Celia- you're lost, we're lost. It's fun, no?

Sam- I cannot wait for you to be in Radcliffe's glorious presence. Touch her for me, will you?
That shit's gotta be able to be bottled.

Byron- I can't stop thinking about basketball. (Well, annnnnnnnd...)

Philip- I'm so proud of you!

Nay- nice kicks.

Rae-so, when is it that you are going to sign a modeling contract? Stud.

Annie, Mel, Autumn- y'all have my full permission to blatantly hit on me anytime. ^_^

I am so hung over, it's hilarious.
ELOWEL PARTY! 05-16-08 20:42
IMPORTANT NOTE: I cannot buy booze, and I work all day til just before the party, so you guys are going to have to organize on your own. And I will have just worked about 12 hours, so organize and show up. Love you guys! Great response, cats!!

I have an "I know you well" or "you drank too much" rule for crashing at my place. All of you are welcome otherwise. I work on Sunday, so let's have fun, but not Super/Crazy/Up til 8 in the AM fun.

If you come, you bring snacks/drink. My broke ass can only feed Liz. hah! (not kidding) If you're Diana/Pie, you bring the above, plus a pillow. ^_^

Saturday, 5/17. 7pm- I kick y'all out.

My Phone # is 503.754.6008. Text me for my address. xoxo, Liz(z)

(((((MAX--- Will you post this ^^^ on the front page?)))))
ELOWELIANS! READ THIS! 05-15-08 17:27
I want to host a PARTY for our returning Portlanders!! All of you coming home from college! This weekend! I haven't seen almost any of you in a loooong time, and I know most of you are home on short stays.

Saturday? 7pm? Lizz's apartment? Who wants to?

I know Diana and David return this weekend... Pie? Do you, too?

Beers, Elowelians and fun?

Let me know, let's do it!
This summer. 05-09-08 15:53
This summer I'm going to:

(Probable:) Start my Arbonne business. Ride the bike a lot. Pay off some debt. Spend less time solitary. Read A LOT and get ready to attend school again..... Fall sounds reasonable and realistic. Not smoke so damn much. Drink more wine instead. Drink lots n lots of coffee. Learn Spanish from Native Speakers.

(Improbable:) Pay off all my debts. Leave town. Start saving for South America.

(Possible:) Volunteer at the Boys' and Girls' Club. Team in Training for a September Triathalon in California.

(I want to:) Do it all. We shall see.

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